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TRANSFORMIST foundation+concealer – MOCHA

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Transformist Foundation + Concealer is Astra’s much-loved product with a dual-action formula that acts on the skin like a cosmetic surgery treatment: lifted face, flawless skin, and an even complexion. It contains vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, peony extract with emollient and anti-irritation properties, and rose hip, with well-known anti-aging properties. With its chameleonic peculiarities, Transformist Foundation + Concealer is the Astra product able to put an end to the search for the perfect foundation. The semi-matt finish gives a more or less natural and opaque result depending on the quantity applied. The face remains perfect for up to 16 hours without weighing down or clogging pores. The highly blendable texture adheres to the skin minimizing imperfections thanks to its high coverage. Its special pigments blend with the complexion, cloning its tone for a perfectly uniform complexion. A small amount of product is enough to uniform the whole face. It adapts perfectly to different types of complexion, ensuring uniformity without distorting the natural skin tone

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